September 26, 2023

4 Blunders Clients Should Avoid When Seeking Translation Services

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4 Blunders Clients Should Avoid When Seeking Translation Services

Document translation is not an easy job. It entails expertise and skills of a professional translator to be able to provide accurate translation of the document. This is why experts in document translation in Dubai went through rigorous training to make sure that they are doing the right thing.

But the clients also play a major part in making sure that the output is accurate and correct. Experts in Arabic translation in Dubai said that clients need to avoid these blunder to guarantee an excellent output from their translators:

  1. Not providing a brief

Some clients do not pay much attention on creating a brief since the translator would probably read the entire document anyway. But it is important that the client would provide a synopsis and brief of the document to give the translator a good sense of what the document is all about. You need to summarize the document and provide a brief purpose and who are the intended audience. Through this, the translator would know how to translate the document to cater to the need of the intended audience.

  1. Not providing glossary of terms

This is important, especially for technical translations. Some terms and jargons might be available through research. However, there might be highly-specialized terms that are specially used by the specific industry. It would be best to provide them with the list of terms that the translator could use as a reference they can use when they are translating the manuscript. It would ensure that they are using the terms the right way.

  1. Not talking to the translator

Some clients think that once they provided the translator everything they need, there is no need for them to sit down and talk to the translator. But this step is necessary to ensure that you and the translator are on the same page. This would also give you the opportunity to clarify some items on the contract.

  1. Not checking the output

There are also clients who trust their translator so much, they do not bother to check their work. But, it is important that you check the translated output to ensure that the message of the document is not lost in the translation. Remember that a single translated mistake can change the context of the document. You may want to get someone who knows the language to read the document before you mark it approved.